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Graines de Bitume’s aim is to facilitate the social and vocational integration of Antananarivo's street children by giving them access to basic services which include:
health care (a doctor provides twice-weekly consultations),
hygiene (showers, toilets, laundry facilities are available at both centres),
balanced meals (the children are given a daily meal and snacks),
and an environment that instils civic, moral and social values.

And giving them the means to achieve their ambitions via:
developmental activities for the youngest children,
access to literacy classes (with partner associations) where older children who have never attended school are taught the skills they need to take their primary school leaving-certificate,
refresher classes to help children back into mainstream education,
access to local schools both for children starting school and for youngsters who have had to drop out for financial and/or family reasons,
after-school tutoring at both centres,
vocational project classes to prepare the way for vocational training,
and vocational training for young people who are over school-age and/or who have chosen this option.

We are not trying to produce star students, but rather to give these youngsters the opportunity to find their place in society, to steer them towards empowerment. Graines de Bitume's goal is to help them to find their way into or back to education and training by giving them the desire to learn and the tools they need to build a future.

We offer educational support and personalised follow-up to help them realise their projects and become fully independent adults.



Graines de Bitume Madagascar
+261(0)34 39 666 91
+261(0)32 43 604 52
Lot III J 22 Andavamamba
BP 1752 - 101 Antananarivo

Graines de Bitume France
Head Office
1bis rue Parrot 75012 Paris

You can support our work
by sending a cheque to:
Graines de Bitume
1bis, rue Parrot 75012 Paris, France

Graines de Bitume achieves its goals
- thanks to the motivation, loyalty and skills
of its team,
- through the involvement of the families in any decisions concerning their children,
- using teaching methods that include recreational, artistic and sporting activities, and
- by providing individualised mentoring support

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