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Graines de Bitume works with children and young people aged between 3 and 22; the average age is 13. When they first arrive at the centre, none of them are going to school. They spend their days on the streets looking for ways to earn enough money to survive. It is our youth workers' and counsellors' task, during their street rounds, to identify which of these children we can help. Once contact has been established, a Graines de Bitume welfare worker mentors the children by helping them to explore their goals and ambitions.

Graines de Bitume then enrols them in whichever of its several programmes is best suited to their needs:

Socio-Educational Programme
This programme provides personalised support to those children and young people facing the most hardship, working in close liaison with their families. Once we have understood as much as we can about each child's circumstances and history we can decide what action to take.

• Personalised socio-educational support.
• Street work (meeting the families where they actually live).

Educational Programme

In 2010/2011, almost 200 children aged between 3 and 20 were attending school and receiving additional support.
Attendance at local schools (pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school).
Extra tutoring in the centres (based on the national curriculum and adapted to the level of Graines de Bitume's children. Our tutoring is based on participation and learning through play).
• Literacy and refresher workshops in preparation for starting or returning to school.

Extracurricular Programme

Graines de Bitume offers theatre, music and art workshops - an innovative way of helping children to develop.

Food/Health/Hygiene Programme

Vocational Project Programme
Young people aged 14 and over who have opted for vocational training are provided with the mentoring support they need to achieve their goals.



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On-going support
Psycho-social support is provided by six welfare workers.  The aim is to provide
one-on-one support in liaison with the families, focusing on those children or youngsters in the greatest difficulty.
This approach helps us to understand their circumstances and history, analyse the events and breakdown in their lives, and to determine what actions have already been taken (administrative, medical, etc.) and what still needs to be done.

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